2017 Real Futures Foundation Programs

     The Real Futures Ambassador Youth Leadership Program
    The Ambassador program provides leadership training for students who would otherwise not get any leadership opportunities at school. The program also provides opportunities to put leadership skills into practice by attending functions, assisting with some programs (e.g. mock interviews, breakfast club). Ambassadors assist the Foundation by attending functions, public speaking on the programs, networking with business, industry, other schools, and the wider community.

Students will be asked to commit to fundraising activities to support the Real Futures Foundation. including assisting the Rotary Club of Salamander Bay at Bunnings BBQ's to raise funds for the Foundation.

The Ambassadors will develop a fund raising event or their own such as a ‘mufti’ day or cake stall.

The Ambassador program reinforces a positive perception of students in the community and with their peers.

    Tomaree High School Scholarships

The Tomaree High School Scholarships are designed specifically to recognise students that have re-engaged with education or has been offered an apprenticeship. These scholarships of $100 each recognise the effort that the students have made to their commitment to a positive future.

    Coaching Program
    Coaching targets the most “at risk” students and provides support for them to reengage at school or leave school successfully. This is a program, which gives at risk students the necessary skills to be active members of the community. It involves support from trained Real Futures volunteers with an ultimate goal of creating a cohesive community.

    Careers Information Session
    This program is designed to reach a large number of year 10 students, and offers very valuable insights to students during subject selection for senior years which will assist them in choosing units of study which will align with their career aspirations. The expo offers students a chance to interact with business from various sectors of industry which operate in the local area.

    Mock Interviews
     Job interviews are a fact of life but knowing how to handle yourself in an interview situation can make it harder to achieve the best results for young people entering the workforce. The Mock Interviews offer students the opportunity to conduct an interview with a local business person, and gain feedback on their performance which will ultimately give them confidence when being interviewed for a role which they would like to win. The Mock Interview program will run at St Philip's Christian College and Tomaree High School in 2017.

    Valley Homes Breakfast Club
    The Breakfast Club operates once a week at Tomaree High School and is designed to reach out to students not eating breakfast at home, providing a balanced breakfast of toast, cereal, fruit & fruit juice.

This  builds the capacity of the Real Futures Foundation Ambassadors through serving breakfast to students and builds a community link with Woolworth's Nelson Bay who assist in the end of term breakfast that reaches the whole school population.

    Communicate, Leadership and Confidence Program
    We recognise that students and young people often lack the skills to confidently present themselves and communicate in the world outside school and home. This program assists students to improve their communication skills which in turn builds confidence. The program highlights the right clothes to wear for the right situation and addresses presentation for job interviews building confidence for young people in their ability to succeed in their career path aspirations.

    World of Work
    The World of Work program is designed to meet the needs of students at Irrawang High School. Providing students with the skills to become more articulate, confident and well mannered. Providing students with a solid grounding in manners and social graces. Helping students to transition from school to work, further education or training. Building confidence and the ability to relate to members of the community –whilst in a comfortable albeit unfamiliar setting.

    Positive Futures
    Positive Futures delivers a range of activities at Hunter River High all designed to assist young people leaving education and embarking on their career pathway.

Students will participate in mock interviews carried out by panels made up of staff, community members and fellow students.

Students will participate in a full day workshop with the focus on overall presentation when job seeking. Students  were involved in interactive activities that focused on, resume writing interview skills and communication, what employers want, and personal hygiene.

Students will also participate in a full day work shop that was broken into 3 sessions covering sex and relationships, domestic and family violence, and a creative session where students could choose between song writing and art. These works will be used to raise community awareness about the importance of positive relationships and the consequences of negative behaviours. Two art works are chosen by the Love bites coordinator and will be used to create marketing material such as posters, pamphlets or T shirts. The song that was written has become part of a collaborative project and will be a track on a CD that is being created by ‘Drop the Beat’ in Cessnock. This is a youth lead DV campaign in the Cessnock area but the CD’s will then be disseminated during DV campaign events.

Students will also attend gender specific workshops that provided practical strategies for prevention of mental health disorders, including stress management, coping mechanisms, resilience development, and emotional intelligence.  They will be provided with information that educates them on healthy lifestyle practices including nutrition and physical activity for the mind and body.  Students will be empowered to develop love of self, compassion and kindness which are all essential foundations to healthy relationships and a successful life.

Each program participant will receive a personal journal that provides tips and affirmations to assist them in remaining positive and resilient as they enter their senior school years. Foundations for study will use a self-directed on line learning using www.careertools.com.au. Students will undertake this activity supported by school staff  in preparation for their mock interview.